For a limited period I am planning to give away my original artwork in an attempt to encourage people to plant trees, particularly in Cornwall (UK) where I live.


How It Works

To receive the original Greg Humphries painting of your choice follow these simple steps:

  1. View the galleries on this site and select the piece of work you like.
  2. Check with the "Tree List" (below) how many trees you have to plant in exchange for the painting. (Please check which native species are suitable for your area and use tree guards and stakes. If unsure how to plant trees then email me and I can send you guidelines).
  3. Email me and register your interest, this will enable me to place a reserve on the painting for you before you plant the trees.
  4. Plant the trees and photograph yourself doing so (Make sure the trees are clearly in the photo and time and date are visible)
  5. Email the photo(s), your mail address and which painting you would like to 
  6. I will then send the painting you want to your home, but please be aware I may need some contribution to the postage, sorry!


Tree List



"Atlantic Winter"                                         - 20 trees

"Burning Crossroads"                                  - 15 trees

"Crossing Over"                                         - Unavailable

"Southwestern Arrow"                                  - Unavailable

"The Downs"                                             - 20 trees

"The Point"                                               - Unavailable

"The Ridgeway"                                         - 30 trees

"The Sanctuary"                                         - 30 trees

"Wood For The Living, Stone For The Dead"  - 30 trees


Transition Series

"Break on Through"                                   - 30 trees

"12th May 1966"                                       - 50 trees

"Anti - Body (Diptych)"                               - Unavailable

"Balancing Act" (Triptych)                            -  60 trees

"Green Horizon"                                         - 15 trees

"Eastern Sulis"                                          - 50 trees

"Looking Back"                                         - 35 trees

"Metamorphosis"                                      - 20 trees

"Reflection"                                             - 30 trees

"Rise and Reverberate"                             - 30 trees

"Sunburst Yellow"                                      - Unavailable

"Transitional Object (1)                              - Unavailable


New Paintings

"The Alignment"                                       - 20 trees

"Ariadne"                                                 - 15 trees

"Dawn Chorus"                                         - 15 trees

"Dawnfall"                                                - 25 trees

"Earthwork"                                              - 20 trees

"Flying Clouds"                                         - Unavailable

"Libidinal Connection"                               - 50 trees

"Nightfall"                                                - 25 trees

"Seven Crossroads"                                  - 15 trees

"Will You Be My Friend?"                            - 60 trees





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